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Car Interior Repair by The Interior Interest LLC

A well-kept interior can make or break a potential resale of a vehicle. It can also leave a bad impression on a customer driving a rental car.

Maintaining and repairing a car’s interior extends the lifespan of the vehicle and makes the driving experience more enjoyable.

The Interior Interest LLC, interior repair services
provide an affordable solution for automotive businesses that rely on well-maintained vehicles and fast, repairs.

Businesses trust The Interior Interest LLC, technicians to complete a variety of interior vehicle repairs because we are the world leader in automotive reconditioning.

The Interior Interest LLC, technicians are equipped to provide the following interior repair solutions for automotive service providers:

  • Carpet Dyeing & Repair
  • Console & Dashboard Repair
  • Leather Repair
  • Seat Repair
  • Vinyl Repair
  • Headlight Restoration
  • And more!

Our trained team of interior repair technicians utilize industry-leading techniques and take advantage of the newest interior repair technology.

Interior Leather Repair for Vehicles

One rip or five years of being parked in the sun can seriously alter appearance and take away from the luxury of leather seats.

With resale value on the line, leather seat repair or leather steering wheel repair has a strong return for used car dealerships and other automotive businesses that rely on well-kept vehicles.

The Interior Interest LLC's, leather seat repair and leather steering wheel repair helps improve the appearance of a vehicle so that it can remain a profitable part of an automotive business. Our technicians are trained in the latest technology and are able to complete a variety of repairs, saving time and money for our business partners and delivering a quality, trusted repair.

Car Upholstery Repair

Appearance matters both inside and out when seeking top dollar on resale vehicles or maintaining a fleet of rental vehicles.

From repairing rips and burns to refurbishing leather seat repairs, The Interior Interest LLC's, automotive reconditioning technicians can restore the seats in any vehicle to its original appearance.

As a part of our full suite of automotive reconditioning services, The Interior Interest LLC's, seat covers and fabric. Making interior repairs to a vehicle can not only improve the comfort of the vehicle, but also can increase the value.

Car upholstery repair helps keep fleet and rental vehicles looking great and can be the key to selling vehicles faster and for higher profit.

The Interior Interest LLC's, technicians are trained to restore car upholstery to its original appearance. From rips to stains and even burns, we help other automotive businesses improve their inventory and serve their customers in need of cosmetic repairs.

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